My Guide Inside: Orientation for Educators

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Realize the natural capacity for well-being that lies within. Well-being and deep learning are interconnected!

This orientation is for all educators and paraeducators, formal or informal.

It provides a personal introduction to a principle-based understanding and curriculum, My Guide Inside: Comprehensive Curriculum, which directs teachers and learners beyond just believing that every student can learn, to knowing this is true. Every teacher can discover insights to guide effective teaching, and every student can learn.

We invite you to participate!

This orientation, with an optional peer-to-peer community, will enhance the educator’s understanding and ability to implement My Guide Inside: Knowing Myself and Understanding My World curriculum for K-12 classrooms.

The flexible online format allows for self-direction, provides forums for peer discussions, and offers optional live sharing sessions. We’re sure you’ll be engaged as you learn, reflect, and connect. The three sessions divide into manageable sections, including videos, knowledge, reflections, questions, and exploration. You’ll hear from many voices: kids, teens, and adults.

You can access a Certificate of Participation upon your completion of this educational experience. This certificate may qualify you for professional development credit hours.

Professional Development Learning (PDL) Includes: 

Overview Video

This Orientation Is Valuable.

You educating children of all ages is infinitely more valuable.

With gratitude for your dedication to the education of children and youth,

this orientation is offered without monetary cost.

In lieu, we request that you “Share it Forward” by selecting your preferred non-monetary means of payment. Produced for educators worldwide by future US nonprofit, Feel The Vibe Inc.

Learning Intentions
and Educator Comments:

1. Educators will report an increased sense of personal well-being and ease as they realize their capacity to help their students by pointing them towards their innate strengths.

The world is becoming a more complicated place with lots of worries. Resilience and well-being are important to navigate life successfully and happily.

…(N)o matter what happens, you have an inner strength to draw on.

2. Educators will see their most challenging students as “at promise” rather than “at risk” as a result of attending the workshops.

I do believe every child is ‘at promise’ rather than ‘at risk.’ Ripple effect.

Health attracts health.

3. Educators will feel more hope and personal resilience as they notice the increasing levels of well-being of their students and themselves.

The emphasis that everyone has natural resilience was something that already has helped my teaching. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of myself.

To know that we are innately mentally well and can land on our feet no matter what, can help us all survive (and thrive) life situations that we have no control over. The big light at the end of the tunnel is always there!

4. Educators will see thought as a principle.

The moment to moment thought process can be shifted (intercepted). I can see thoughts as choice and move forward with free will.

It’s an easy vehicle to teach a complex, ever deepening concept that everyone should understand. (Our thoughts influence EVERYTHING.)

5. Educators will see the universal application of My Guide Inside.

…(E)ven the youngest student can very much engage with this.

I learned that this resource is available for students and staff and I think it is much needed.

6. Educators will see the value of intuition, insight, and a quiet mind.

To see others without judgement, including myself.

Being reminded about intuition, how a quiet mind yields insight and right action.

7. Educators will see the potential for affecting positive change.

This course has been life-changing. In such a simple way. I have learned more about inner calm and how to create it than many, many meditation sessions I have attended. Will spread the word!

How we can only model our own awareness in our actions yet with our behavior comes a feeling of peace in ourselves which touches others on a level beyond the intellect.

My Guide Inside: Orientation for Educators has three big ideas:

Join Us!

Realizing our own capacity for well-being prepares us to educate students like never before.